Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daddys pride and joy!

Any of you who know Ryan will know his excitement when he got this for our daughter. He picked it up at the mall when he went with his friend. When he came back, he ran in the door and said, "wheres Maya?" I told him I had just gotten her to sleep and would you believe he was willing to wake her up just to put her in the outfit??? I told him he had baby duty if he did that so he didn't wake her up. But as soon as she was awake the Jordan outfit was on and we had the cameras out.

Ryan compared it to how I get excited about dressing up maya and putting her in beautiful headbands and lacy socks and really girly things. As he was putting her in the outfit he said, "this is how you feel huh, its really exciting!" ....... he finally understands my unbridled excitement. It came with two different outfits, one hat and two pairs of socks, we didn't put the socks on but everything else made it on her. How cute is she? We have a Jordan baby.

Halloween Cookies!

A tradition in my family is that around all the big holidays my mom would always make sugar cookies and we would decorate. I just recently bought myself a decorating kit and decided to keep the tradition alive! I got some really cute cookie cutters from the dollar store-6 adorable ones for a dollar...what a deal! 

Since there are only two of us who eat cookies and I dont know enough people to give them away to here, I just halved the batch of cookies and frosting. So the decorating looks a little sad, but I was proud of my first attempt and plan to get better in the future. I cant wait for christmas to come! The picture of the lone cookie was the one ryan said was the cutest....and while it isn't much, I figured it deserved an honorary place on the blog. Sorry if its a little hard to see.

The second costume-fairy

So I though I was pretty good with just the alcatraz baby, but I went to visit my friend Janet-who also has a baby girl a few months older than maya. She was making her a fairy costume and wanted me to do one for Maya as well. She had picked up an extra skirt by accident so I bought it from her and dressed it up with ribbons and flowers all over it. I have to say that is looked pretty adorable, although looking at the pics I took I realize that you can' t even see it! I will have to take a separate picture of that. I found some wings for only 4 bucks -which I thought was a great deal. My friends Janet made an adorable wreath of flowers for her head. Our plan was to do a "anne geddes" type photo shoot of our daughters together. However we are still waiting for the weather to cooperate with us.....we may be waiting a while. :)

I wanted to take more pictures of Maya in her costume but she was sick with a cold at this point so she wasn't cooperating very well. Somehow I got the pic with that amazing smile, but after that she didn't want to have anything to do with that outfit.

Alcatraz Baby!

So for halloween I originally planned to dress Maya up as a lobster, until I found out that she had to be 6 months old to even fit in the outfit. When that idea flew out the window we decided to pick her up an "escaped from alcatraz" outfit from San Francisco. We thought it would have meaning since she went to San Francisco with us. Although it took me forever to find some black pants to go with the outfit- It turned out very cute!  We tried giving her a mohawk, but since she is going a bit bald, it didn't work out too well. I decided to make her a headband to go with it since she looked a lot like a boy dressed in black.  Anyways, we had fun with it.

Apple Hill and the accident

So apple hill is a tradition that Ryan has done with his family for years. It is a fun little town that has beautiful scenery, pumpkin patches, and apples everywhere. As you drive through the smile winding roads you find ma and pa type shops everywhere with anything from crafts to homemade goodies.

We met Ryans mom and his aunt Mary there and drove around trying to figure out where we wanted to stop first. They had packed a picnic for us and we were all really excited to be there. As we drove through the town and started to ascend to "apple hill" the traffic was horrible! We were driving so slow, and sometimes we were almost at a stop. Because the roads are so small it can be a little difficult when there is a lot of traffic. 
So as you probably have read before...maya HATES the car. Which does make traveling a  lot more difficult but it hasn't stopped us yet. She was in the back and had been screaming for quite some time already, our nerves were wearing thin. She had just woken up from a rather long nap and had been in the car for  an hour after that so she was hungry. We pulled over to the side of the road to meet up with his mom to find out where we were going to stop so we could feed maya. The cries kept getting louder and louder so we decided to just turn around and go back about 1/2 a mile. 
In frustration ryan backed up to get on the road but forgot to look behind him. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see him back into a nice big pick-up truck.  Luckily the guy was pretty cool about it....and even better was that we had just gotten insurance on our new car exactly one week before that. Hallelujah insurance! So yes we already have a ding on the back our car we have only owned a month. A little frustrating, but no one was hurt and that is what matters.
After getting things figured out we found a place to have our picnic and it was fun to just relax and see all the beauty around us. Ryan and his Aunt Mary stood in line for almost an hour to get a fresh baked apple pie-which was the most amazing pie I have ever had in my life! I want to go back there again just for that.  Carol bought us a few crafts for our home. One for halloween and one for Maya. Me and Ryan would someday like to go back there again just the two of us for a romantic get-away, it is so beautiful and quaint. We'll see when that happens! :)