Sunday, May 22, 2011

My first wedding cake!

Me and my sis Raili. I couldn't have figured out how to make that quilting stitching even without her! Great math skills sis!

What an adventure this was! I had lots of fun/not so fun moments getting to this point, but it was good for me. I really felt like I needed a challenge and this was definitely a challenge. Learning how to do fondant better, make cake actually from scratch, cake quilting, stacking cakes, how to get the cake to not be crooked and fall over, gumpaste flowers (which sadly after all that time learning how to do it I went with fake flowers cause they just looked better) yadda yadda. But the most important thing was that the bride loved it. I was so happy about that! Cause really in the end that is all that matters.

One of the best things not going to have any more nightmares about my cake falling over, or getting dropped. :D Ahhhh.....sleep. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Trip

Shoshone Falls

At Aunt Elaines house

Happy as can be on a horse!

Too cute!

Me and Brittaney helping decorate the car :)

Not a good pic.....but the best I had of maya

So yeah....i took pathetic pictures of the wedding. Sorry about that. The wedding started a half hour late because the temple was so full so by the time we got out of the temple, we had two tired, hungry, and CRANKY children. But still had about 45 min of picture taking left with the photographer. Luckily she got some great pictures of my kids before they got grouchy, so I will post those when we get ahold of them, cause they were pretty good lookin. :)

On our way over we made a suprise stop to our old seminary teacher (who ryan likes to call our match maker) and then made another stop at Shoshone Falls. It was beautiful and we are so glad we did it. Good times!

Then we got to my Aunt Elaines (Caitlin I missed you!) and Maya was able to ride a horse for a while (her version of heaven-for those of you who dont know. Maya has been obsessed with horses for about a year and a half now) and then got to see the other farm animals and just enjoy being out in the country. It was a quick and busy trip but it was such a wonderful weekend.

Easter/ Wendy's graduation

We had a good easter, but since the semester was ending and Ryan was doing our sprinkler system for the backyard-it was kind of a busy one, but Maya really enjoyed doing the Kuna egg hunt. Since they had it done by ages she did good although it took a minute to catch on.

My sister Wendy Graduated from cosmetology school and went through the temple in preperation for her marriage the next week! It was a great weekend, it was a quick trip, but important for me to be there for both. (especially since the other two sibling who could have gone in the temple with her are in Afghanistan and Sweden) So excited for Wendy, so many exciting changes happening in her life. :)