Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Morning...

Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church I heard maya chasing around Jaxon in the Kitchen in a "monster" voice yelling "im going to kiss you!" this is what I can tell at one point he had had enough. :) Two kids together are always good for entertainment.

Mayas 3rd Bday!

I asked her what she was doing here and she said, "Im smelling it. " I guess chocolate does smell good. :D

We had a little party on her actually birthday with a girl I babysit. I love her reaction-she didn't even know what it was and she was still that excited!

I cant believe how fast it has all gone by, here I am and I have a 3 year old now. She is so much fun and adds a lot of spunk to our family. I really wanted to make her a princess cake for her birthday. (selfish of me I know, but I had found a REALLY cute one) and i tried to convince her, but what she really wanted was a dinosaur cake. I was still in the phase of trying to convince her otherwise when we had this conversation.

me: dont you want this pretty princess cake?
Maya: no, I dont think so
Me: are you sure? it will be really pretty and have sparkles and princesses on it!
Maya: Mom, lets have a deal. You get the princess cake. I get the Dino cake. Good deal?
Me: (defeated) yeah....good deal.

So the dino cake it actually ended up only taking an hour to make so maybe it really was the good deal after all. :D Ha ha....she loved it, thats what made me happy. She is such a big helper and is now good at pulling Jax off things i dont want him to touch, and is Great at throwing away diapers. (except for the few times she puts them in random places and a day later my nose finds them.) Lol.

She is really into dinosaurs, horses, and any other sort of animal. She loves her brother and loves her daddy to pieces. I love my little girl!

4th of July!

The 4th of July was really fun. I am one of those people that absolutely LOVES this day. I love dressing in the colors, the fireworks, bbq's....everything. We started out going to our friends house for a brunch with several different families. The kids loved playing and having fun. As you can tell from the picture above it wiped Jaxon out. :)

Then 3 of us Moms went to JCPenney because they had put out a bunch of 10 off 25$ coupons so a shopping we did go. :D I love coupons, literally I plan my shopping trips around them.
In the evening we went to the fireworks with our friends and brought a lot of junk food and just had a good time. Both the kids loved the fireworks and it was great to spend time as a family. Ryan has been doing a summer BSU class as well as 4 other BYU classes that are due in the middle of august. He has finished almost two of them and is hacking away at the other two. Its funny how a normal semester is now going to be our break. If everything goes well he will graduate next spring. yay!

Fathers Day Pics

This year for Fathers day Ryan got some golf stuff, and a scrapbook with pics taken of the kids while he was at work. Here are just a couple of em... :)