Sunday, August 21, 2011

cute cute kiddo's!

I got my backdrops in a had to give em a try. Jaxon wasn't up for being a model so I got a couple shots as he tried his hardest-and managed- to get off the set. Maya thought it was fun, though most of it was lots of crazy little faces. :) It was fun to try em out.

Salt Lake weekend

Outside the Lion House

Drew is one of Ryans mission companions, they ended up being great friends on their mission and became roomates at BYU when they were done. They've sold pest control together for two summers, so suffice it to say, they are good buddies. :) We were so excited that he was getting married and even though it was a 6 hour drive there one day- just to drive back 6 more the next day there was no doubt we were going to his wedding.

For being a really short trip it was really fun. I would probably not be able to say that if we had taken the kids with all that driving, so yes- we left them with my parents and had a fun quick little get away. We got there Friday afternoon and did a session in the SLC temple. ( a new experience for me) then walked around downtown salt lake and went to PF Changs for dinner (if you ever go...get the Szechuan asparagus, its to a-m-a-z-i-n-g) then went to the outdoor mall where we both realized how cheap we are because we would never spend that much money on one article of clothing. Im completely an outlet/clearance/stack that with a coupon kinda girl. It was still fun though.
They had a breakfast the next morning for all those going to the Sealing at the Lion House ( for those of you who dont know, it is one of Brigham Youngs old residences) and it was so yummy! I must admit I felt a little out of place when I looked down and saw all those extra forks and spoons and had to wrack my brain for those etiquette lessons from mutual. (a shout out to those leaders) From gourmet berry muffins with lemon glaze with fresh fruit arranged elegantly to quiche and ham and potatoes with some seasoning on it I couldn't identify, but it was unlike any other potato I have ever had-and thats saying something from an Idaho girl. They brought the food out in courses and it was just so fun. I wanted to take my camera out and photograph the representation of the food, but I figured that would be a little white trash so I kept it in its case. No one else at our table seemed as excited about it as me and Ryan were. ;)
We also had a member of the Seventy at our table who performed the sealing so that was also really neat. He takes tour groups over to Israel so we swapped stories. Of Israel for him, and China for us.
Concluding breakfast we headed to the temple and the Sealing was beautiful. But right afterwards we had to rush off to head home. And by "rush off" I mean we waited around the temple over an hour for them to come out and then wait for the group pic. There were 67 weddings that day so we had to wait about 10 couples for them to come out. what a busy but gorgeous temple. Its no wonder why so many people want to get married there.
Of course we HAD to make a quick stop at my favorite store Ikea then managed to make it home before midnight.