Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its a......

Its a BOY!!! We are so excited but I am a little nervous. I am a girls girl, so having a boy will be all new territory-but I can't wait! I almost had to reschedule my ultrasound cause I couldn't hold in all the water they have you drink (hey, im pregnant) so that was a little embarrassing. I had to convince them it would all be just fine, and luckily it was. I was way too anxious to find out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An overall update...

The double lump belly

Maya playing in a long lost baby toy-still loves it and fits in it-kinda.
Supposed to be a open mouth crying-I dont think it looked like it.

Time seems to be going so much quicker these days, and we are keeping plenty busy. Ryan is finished with his finals (or he will be as of tonight). We are very excited for that, but he will start his BYU online classes next monday. So no summer break for that boy. But the trip to NY/Boston coming up will help with feeling like he at least gets a bit of a break. We have come to realize, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for him to do homework at home. If he's here, I want to talk, maya wants to play, I rush in to tell him a quick story I dont want to forget-and then 15 min later I leave. Yes, im a chatterbox. So even though we see him a LOT less, staying at the library till late at night seems to work better.

I feel like I popped overnight sometime last week!! I don't remember being this big this early last time, but since that is supposed to happen with your second not surprised. Still haven't gained any weight, but you would think I had from looking at me. I still have the "double stomach" where the baby hasn't moved up enough yet and so I just look like i have 2 big fat rolls in certain outfits. The baby's moving and Ryan has gotten to feel it. Maya still has NO CLUE whats going on, but how can she? I dunno, she barely gets that she can't run out in the road. So I will give her some time. The ultra sound is in....drum roll please......9 days!!!!! I think I am almost more excited for this ultrasound than I was with Maya (if that's possible) I don't know why, but I can't wait!
I made these cupcakes for a friend of mine's baby shower, while we almost had some decapitated babies, I was able to keep them together with lots of toothpicks throughout the evening. They turned out fun!