Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life has been busy but good. Ive been busy with one word. Photography. I am of an obsessive nature. I get involved in a project and I am just that-involoved. But I also realize that I sometimes have a short attention span and like to jump around a lot. Kinda like my cake decorating phase. I did it long enough to get all the stuff needed to do quality cake decorating, made a couple wedding cakes....and then moved on. What can I say? It wasn't my love. So photography is my new love. But I have a feeling photography is a winner. Now if I can just figure out all this stuff on photoshop it would be nice. Can I just say what bummer it is that BSU doesn't offer a photography BA....but how lame-they offer a masters in it? Yeah, not much good unless youve had some undergrad training.

I remember when I first got married I knew that I wasn't going to go back to school at the time. Some people thought it was just because I figured, "im married, so im done" far from the truth. I was pursuing a Health Science Education major, then I went to teach in China for 6 months and if there was one thing I learned-I did NOT want to teach. Not that I hated it, but if push came to shove and needed to work. It wasnt my passion. I dont have the patience for it. Even before I was married I didnt really think that was what I wanted, but figured it was better than all the other options. So i just went with it.

So for the first time in my life...I know what I want to do. and there is no good school around for it. I wish I was back in rexburg for BYUI photography program. Oh well, such is life. That is enough on that. I should post some of the highlights of some of the photo sessions Ive done lately. Im by no means professional, but have a blast doing what I do.

Anywayzzzz....on to the fam. Maya is still talking a lot in dance class but I think she is learning a few things since Ive been hearing her practice in the other room "heel, toe, heel, toe." Im glad shes enjoying it. She has been working on reading with me and is making good progress. More than anything its just kind of fun to watch your kid have those "connection moments" when they learn something.

Jax is a busy little guy who we refer to (affectionately) as our puppy dog. Not in a bad way-but every time you sit down, he lays his head on your lap, looks you in the eye, and gives a big smile. You walk in from another room, he runs up to you, grabs your leg, and just smiles at you. He is a content little guy who loves to have his cuddle time.

Ryan is about as burned out in school as it gets and I dont blame him after doing 2 years straight (summers included) but he is still hanging in there and doing good. Just ready to graduate. He is doing good at work and has gotten some good golf/tennis time in this summer.

So thats pretty much it. We are just plugging along and I am SOO glad that it is finally the fall. Summer used to be my favorite season. Fall has totally trumped it. :D enjoy the beautiful colors!

uh oh...

Yes, this is my little 11 month old. I can only imagine what he will be into in the coming months. I think im in trouble.