Saturday, March 28, 2009

hmmm...lots of pics

Stone cold face!
Happy face!
Maya meeting aunt Raili for the first time.
Yah! Swimming Pool at last...
Momma with her polka dotted baby girl.
Playing with Aunt Raili at the pool
In the suburban, getting ready to go skiing
Me and Camille bored in the back of the suburban
Maya with my families pet poodle that we had for a week till we found out my mom was allergic when she broke out all over her face. (poor mom)

So it has been a fun week. I am still loving having My sister Raili home from China and am trying to spend as much time as I can with her. She goes back to Denver July 2nd (I told her she had to be here for Mayas 1st birthday) So that will be exciting to have her here for that. We had a girls party last weekend (those pictures are still to come) but it was so much fun, we played games, watched sense and sensibility, and had awesome food!
Since it is spring break here we have been able to do some fun stuff with my family. We went bowling a few days ago and I got an awesome score of 83! that is actually quite good for me, so I was happy! My Dad got 4 strikes in a row...I dream of doing that someday. :) We also went skiing-my first time ever, and I actually had fun. I must say it is a lot harder than they make it look on tv though. I couldn't figure out how to stop so I kept falling while all these 4 year olds were zipping past me! Kind of embarrasing, but nothing new for me.
Yesterday we took Maya to the YMCA with Raili and Camille. It was so much fun and while it took her about 5 minutes to get excited ( i think she was a tad bit overwhelmed) once she got excited and started splashing and kicking it was really fun. I put her in her bathing suit for the 1st time so that was pretty cute.
Maya is crawling all over and standing up next to furniture and pulling herself up everywhere. Its been fun to see how much progress she has made. I always think its funny how babies walk, it seems bow legged so I am excited for that as well.
Me and my sister Raili have been cooking a lot of fun different meals and I would have to say that they have all turned out good. Someday I hope to be as good of a cook as she is. Its nice to have someone to learn so much from though.
Maya is sleeping great throught the night which gives me great pleasure. She was sleeping good through the night earlier until she started teething and that threw it all down the drain. So we will see how long it keeps up this time.
Ryan is doing sales still and signing up for classes at BSU for 2 of the summer blocks. Maybe if we are lucky we will be able to sneak in a small vacation before June when he starts school up. We both want to see how Maya will do on a trip longer than two hours. We have been rather hesitant to try given our earlier experiences with her. Sorry for all the many pics, I just haven't posted for a while!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Matching Bunny Slippers!

I love baby slippers, they are the cutest things ever! I have had my bunny slippers for a few years, and one of Ryans friends mother bought some for Maya when she was born. I never thought I would really ever use them but I actually use them a lot. My cousin Caitlin took the pictures and got some really cute smiles out of Maya!