Sunday, June 12, 2011

Park City

My happy Boy! :)

At the hogle zoo....loved it there-much bigger than the Boise zoo!

Stuck in the swimsuit!

They had free classes for kids at the hotel....finger painting was one of them.

Park city. Beautiful mountains, gorgeous trees, laid back feeling, good food, amazing hotel. There- thats probably the best way for me to describe it. I loved it all. Any of you who know us, know that we LOVE to travel. However, its expensive-especially when you factor in the two little kidlets, so this year we stayed closer and went to Park City for a week.
Our friends have a time share connection so we got an awesome hotel right on the main street that had a fully furnished kitchen (that was so nice) and the master room was seperate from the kitchen and living room, fireplace, but the BEST part was the fact that it had a double soaker jetted tub-all that for an amazing price.

Its a good thing we had the tub, because the weather didn't cooperate as well as we would have liked for swimming, so this became our own "pool". Maya would get her swimsuit on and she would have a ton of room to splash around in. (hey, when your a kid you dont realize when your getting the short end of the stick)

We saw some really good friends and family and spent some time in SLC at the zoo, temple square (well just driving around it cause at that point it was raining.) Did some outlet mall shopping, toured the olympic park up there by an actual olympian. Oh and shopped at my favorite store ever- IKEA! It was just fun.

With Ryan in school and working full time what we wanted more than anything was just to spend time together and it was the perfect place. Plus with two young kids we didnt want it to be a stressful vacation. By the time we hit day 5 though i think maya was done and ready to be back in her own bed and back on a schedule.

There have been so many moments the last few months when we spend quality time together and i just think to myself... I dont think life gets better than this. And ya know what...I think im probably right. :)