Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maternity pics

I loved how she was supposed to be "kissing me" but it was more like smushing me!

She never wanted to look at the camera.

Here I am with about 6 weeks to go! I was so grateful to have my sister take a few pics when she was out to visit. I really wanted to have some taken in a wheat field and there was only one left in kuna that hadn't been harvested and it was harvested a few days later. There were a TON of grasshoppers in that field!
I think my sister did a great job. Thanks Raili! I just wanted to document the pregnancy a bit. We have the name....Jaxon Leon Vasso. We love it and even though it took us forever to find, we know we found the one! I cant wait to meet this little guy. He moves so much and is making it hard to sleep, but I know I will miss it after he is born. Less than 6 weeks to go!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Railis wedding

Happy to be at the wedding.
The finished hair product....dont know who that random guy is...
Me and my big sister! She looked so happy that day!
This is getting Railis hair done in our apt before the wedding!
Ok, so I know this happened forever ago, but the pictures deserve to be put up. There are more professional ones, but Raili just got those back. If you have seen wendys on facebook, yup, these are the same ones. Remember how our camera charger fell out of the bag? This was one of the days we didn't have the camera. Super lame, but I was glad everyone around me had one.
Sorry, dont ask me why these pictures all didn't align....Im not sure how to fix them so bear with me while they just look funny.