Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby #3

(Yes.... this is a little lengthy.)

Its been a few weeks, but I still wanted to post this. We welcomed our 3rd addition to the family and he couldn't be cuter. Tyce Ryan made his debut 2 days past his due date on Halloween. To be honest, I was really shocked he lasted that long. I started having preterm labor at 28 weeks when I traveled to Eastern Idaho for my nieces baby blessing. It went away for a couple days when I got back and I figured I had just over done it a little. It started coming back though and over the next two weeks it got pretty intense. I had to go to the hospital twice, I was given the shot to stop my labor, and was put on perscription meds to keep it from happening again. I was told that I wasn't technically on "bedrest" but I was banned from doing a lot of things. Something as simple as carrying my one year old upstairs would start contractions. So I had to take things REALLY easy.

From week 37-39, probably 3 times, I thought it was go time.(and my dr. was out of town) I was close to going to the hospital. The last ten days I felt like I was in labor but I couldnt time the distance between the contractions. I wasn't dilated much and that absolutely baffled me. The only time I have felt that much pain in pregnancy was when I was actually in labor. I talked to my Dr. at my 39 week appt- Unfortunately he had been out of town for the previous two weeks, and without a medical reason-the hospital wont let you induce without a week notice. So I was given two options-being induced on halloween or november 4th because he was booked on surgeries till then. Wanting to keep my sanity...I chose Halloween. :)

Then mothers guilt set in. Is that a super lame birthday? Was I being totally selfish for not waiting 5 days? Will my kid never feel like he actually has his own special day? Would this put me as a candidate for worst mother of the year?

Then reality set in. I couldn't it handle anymore....and even if he hates his birthday, someday if/when his future wife goes over her due date. He'll understand. :) Besides, Halloween COULD be a cool birthday right?.....right???

aaahhh.... I felt MUCH better after rationalizing in my brain. (and a few phone calls to my sisters having them agree with me)


The day of the inducement came. My last appt. with my OB  had been 15 hours earlier.( I was still dilated to barely a one.) Over the last 48 hours I had told ryan, "I feel like I am in labor" 60 times. Literally. But I still couldn't time my contractions. We got to the hospital at 7am and at 8 when my dr. checked me....I was almost at a 5!! I was already in full blown labor. Whoohoo!

This immediately solved two problems for me.
One: I now felt very justified for every one of the 60 times I said, "I feel like im in labor!"
Two: Mothers guilt about the halloween birthday???? What guilt?? Pshaw...this baby decided to come on Halloween by his own free will!

All I needed now was a magical epidural, a tall cool glass of ice chips, and CNN to pass the time. Bliss.

I was dilated to a 10 by 10:30am. However.....apparently my dr was trying to finish seeing all his morning patients quickly so they asked "since I had an epidural and wasn't feeling anything if i could wait?"



Is that humanly possible? You do realize this is a baby being born right?

Then my nurse explained that the baby wasn't fully descended and it actually would be easier on my body because I wouldnt have to push as much. Sounded strange but fair to me. I made it 45 minutes before I felt like the baby was going to come crawling out on his own.

My Doctor ran over from his office across the street. Once he got there I did a practice push, pushed through 2 more contractions, then without even pushing- Tyce was here. :D

My immediate reaction has been different with each of my three kids births.

Maya: I was more in shock and just like. "oh wow, so this is what you look like. You are so beautiful! im a mom! ect...."

Jax: I choked up a little and I was amazed how much he and Maya looked alike. Holding a son for the first time was an amazing experience.

Tyce: Tears. Lots of tears. I couldn't hold them back. There were so many challenges that came with this pregnancy. But as cliche as it sounds, it is so true that as soon as you hold your baby in your arms you know that every minute was worth it. There was such a flood of emotions as I held him. Relief, gratitude, amazement, and just so much love for this new little boy of ours.