Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jaxons Surgery

After the surgery. they had to tape a board on his IV so he wouldn't kick it off.

Aaah! Love baby hospital gowns!

After surgery with his turtle nebulizer on. :)

Before surgery

We just got home a while ago from Jaxons surgery. Everything went well and he should be able to breathe better now. The problem was something in his throat ( i think the epiglottis) grew too big and so every time he tried to breathe it would close off a good portion of his airway. He learned to adapt by breathing harder, but as the dr. said....breathing should be natural, your baby shouldn't have to concentrate on it. He would squeak and make a lot of funny noises while breathing, and while that will go on for a while as its healing- The hope is that it goes away.
What they did is they went in through the mouth and just lasered off the the "floppy tissue" that was making it difficult for him to breathe. It was a relatively easy surgery. It took only about a half an hour, but they did have to knock him out totally to do it. It was a little rough coming out of it, and he didn't really want to eat for a while (i really dont blame him) but after some good rest and pain meds he started to eat again and did pretty good.
The dr. said we would have had more problems if we had waited longer because once we tried to introduce solid foods...or even formula for that matter, he would choke on it and we would have found the problem because he would fail to thrive. So we feel really lucky we figured out everything before we got to that stage and that he will be all healed up by the time we get to inroducing thicker foods.
I thought this was interesting....the dr. said that even though he had adapted his breathing it was burning more calories because he had to work to breathe instead of it being natural. So while he isn't the tiniest baby you have ever seen, we hope this will chunk him up a little. What a sweet natured baby we have. He really did well with it. Its been a road of learning and being guided by the spirit getting to this point and we feel blessed to have everything taken care of now.
P.S. Aren't babies ADORABLE in hospital gowns!!!??

Saturday, January 15, 2011

do you ever...


At the ward Christmas Party

His dimples are TOO CUTE!

Mayas Christmas Dress

Spicy Cashew Chicken. Love it!

I think her role was "Joseph" in the play this year at my families.

...do you ever go so long without blogging that you no longer remember what has been going on in your life? I cant believe my baby is now 3 months old and the last time I blogged he was a few weeks old...oops. A true "this is my second child moment" I have been good about taking pictures, but not been as quick to get them out to friends and family. Im no longer so... " my baby just squinted his left eye and it was SOOO cute!! I need to show the world!" ok a bit over the top, but you get what I mean.

Christmas was wonderful. We went out to Ryans family two days before and stayed over night and had a great time. For actual christmas we spent it in our home and went to my families just for a bit, but came back and did dinner as a family. Instead of the traditional ham/turkey deal we decided to try something completely new. I made Cheesecake Factorys "Spicy cashew chicken" and it turned out soo soo good. We were spoiled by Family and Ryan suprised me with a new flash for my camera, along with a backpack for the camera and lenses to go in. So sweet! I cant wait for warmer weather to venture out more with my camera! We are so grateful for all our family and "Jesus Burfday" as maya referred to it. I think she thought it was everyones birthday so christmas eve dinner she went around the table saying "Happy Birthday" to everyone in my family. :)

Maya loved christmas this year and literally unwrapped ever one of our presents. It was pretty cute. Next year she will have to share with her brother. ;) What a wonderful time of year, but the day after christmas EVERYTHING came down. I was so tired of maya using my tree as her hiding place/fort that I was done.

Thanksgiving was so fun. We had all our family here except our missionary Glenn. But we got special permission to have him call then instead of on christmas so he could talk to Guy before he deployed to Afghanistan. On that note....Guy was switched from dissengaging bombs to a computer office job once they found what a computer brainiac he is! I dont think my mother has ever been so grateful. We all breathed a sigh of relief and feel he is really being blessed.

Ooh....good news. Mayas full on her way to being POTTY TRAINED! What a long road this has been. I tried everything from potty charts with stickers and m&m's, to fruit snacks, tv time, you name it! Nothing motivated her. Finally about a week ago I found the incentive. I made a potty chart and said once she filled it up we could go to my friend brittaneys house to play with her kids. That was it!!!! hallelujah! Once she understood that, within 20 min she started using the potty and has been since. She still has occasional accidents, but she is doing so great.

Besides that....I have a new years resolution! And its not just....lose baby weight. My resolution is to try out a new recipe every two weeks that has an ingredient I have never used before. I have already used rice flour for the cheesecake factory recipe, and used fresh mint and sage in a couple recipes this last week. Soon I will use the sage and fontina cheese for Chicken Cacciorte...super excited! I have been so into cooking lately and actually this is probably the most excited ive been about a resolution. Wish me luck!

I think this sums up our life pretty good of the last three months. Throw in 2 rounds of colds, the flu, and you have our wonderful busy life. :)