Monday, January 11, 2010

re-cap of the holidays

Woo hoo Crackerbarrel! All the family together....probably the last time for 2 years!

Family pic by the tree. I just loved the boots and vest Grandma Vasso gave her.
Maya in her new rocking chair from Grandma and Grandpa Werner!

We made the big mistake of letting maya open up a Pooh Bear dvd as her first present. After that- she didn't want anything else but to watch Pooh Bear!

Sporting those cute piggy tails by our little "shrub" since we cant quite call it a tree as its only 3 feet. I dream of having a tree thats actually as tall as me.
In her Christmas dress and NOT happy about it.

Our family nativity scene- I love that we dont have real costumes, the home-made ones get better and more creative every year...and yes my brother has a popcorn tin on his head.

So I know I have been awful at blogging! Im sorry, just most of the time I dont think I have a lot that goes on that is blog-worthy....I know not everyone loves every little new thing maya does the way me and ryan do. But here is a re-cap of christmas, it was an awesome christmas. It will be the last one together as a family for the werners for at least 2 years. My younger brother Glenn has turned in his papers and we are anxiously awaiting his mission call! He is going to be so awesome!
It was a little hectic running back and forth between both families, but really it was one of the best Christmas I have had in a while. We did our Finnish Christmas traditions which was a lot of fun and had an actual Finnish meal we all liked. We used to do it at my grandmas, but her favorite things to make were rutabegas and beet salad and what not. We were THRILLED when Raili found some new authentic recipes. It made me really miss my Grandma though, but made me grateful that we are carrying on some of the traditions that she started with her family. I hope to carry some of them on myself.
Thanks to both the Vasso's and my family...we had an awesome holiday season with you all!