Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boston: Part 1 of trip.

At a red sox game (ryan would never let us leave this city without visiting Fenway park) We sat by a nice obnoxious group in the nosebleed section who were all drunk as could be and one girl who kept almost spilling her beer on me. It was all part of the the experience, but I must say I was NOT disappointed when they escorted that girl out of the park for underage drinking. The highlight of the game was when the whole stand sang "sweet caroline" I absolutely loved it! When we first got to Fenway, I thought Ryan was gonna cry. He was a happy man there!

At Dunkin Doughnuts. These were EVERYWHERE in boston. At one spot there were two right across from each other on the street. It must be like starbucks to them. We appropriately ordered a Boston cream doughnut from there.

Plymouth rock-I must admit I was very UNDERwhelmed when I saw this. I must not have paid attention in school because I thought it was some mammoth rock. (it was originally about twice this big)

At cape cod, so beautiful but the water was FREEZING, although some lunatics were still swimming. We laid out for a bit and took a nap, but after a while it got too cold to just hang out in swimsuits so we left.

New England Clam Chowder...absolutely amazing! Just as good as San Francisco's.

So I am going to try to do justice to this trip by doing it in sections. Also, we forgot our camera charger (a scrapbookers worst nightmare) or we lost it since we haven't found it since we've been home. Either way though, we have all the boston pictures but had to rely on my familys camera's for our new york pictures.

I absolutely LOVED Boston, I liked New York a lot as well, but I would never ever, ever, live there. I would however live in Boston, I was amazed at how calm it was for such a well known city. We saw tons of history, walked the freedom trail, went to cape cod, and in between all these activites I swelled up to baluga whale size. Literally- I developed cankles on the trip and my ring wouldn't come off, and even my wrists and face swelled up. All I could do was laugh at it. Good times, I think it was due to the heat/humidity/LOTS of walking. Since 2 days ago the swelling has gone down some, but since summer is just starting here it should be a fun 4 months till this baby gets here. :)

This part of the trip was just me and Ryan and I loved it. I must say I did a lot better leaving maya for 10 days than I thought I would. I was so busy and so tired from our red eye flight over- that I really didn't have time to think about her much till about the 7th day when I couldn't help it anymore and just missed her like crazy. You see, there are different types of vacations and just about any vacation with Ryan is a very structured planned event to fit in everything you could possibly want to see. It felt like china again almost, just the two of us traveling, but the whole being pregnant thing gave me a lot more limitations than I planned on, but it was a wonderful vacation!