Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Enjoying "labor" once the epidural kicked in.

7 lbs 8 oz, and 21 in.
Getting to hold Jaxon for the first time, what a journey it is from the beginning of pregnancy to when you finally deliver. So worth every bit of it.
Ryan holding Jaxon for the first time-I love the big smile on his face. What a proud dad!
Snuggling with my little boy after getting cleaned up and getting ready to go home from the hospital.
This is one of my Beehives Emily....can you believe this amazing quilt she made for Jaxon??? 12 years old! I was amazed and so touched that she would do this. I love my beehives!!!

Ryan getting to enjoy rocking two children instead of just one.

So its taken me a bit to get on here, and if you are on facebook you have probably seen most of these pictures. Jaxon is almost a week old and time is already flying by. They say each kid will be different and already it has been a totally different experience than with Maya. Each wonderful in there own way, but im sure it has helped me be calmer the second time around since it is my second kid.
To be fair, I am warning that this is his birth story which will take more than a few sentences to tell. So proceed at your own risk.
I went a full week over and my dr. scheduled my inducement for Friday the 15th....(my due date was the 8th) I will admit that that week was probably the grouchiest I have had in I dont know how long. I was so irritated that he wasn't coming yet and I was so uncomfortable-I had pretty much had it with pregnancy. So yes, I was a witch for that week and I think I cried probably at least once each day.Although he was very patient- Im sure Ryan was just as glad if not more than I was when Jaxon was finally born. :)
So we went in at 7 on friday morning. On the way to the hospital I started having contractions. I thought...hey cool! They checked me when I got in there and I was already dilated to a 3! Then at 8:00 or so- the dr. broke my water and they could tell that the baby had already had his first bowel movement while in there, so they explained they would have NICU nurses there waiting when he was born, Ryan wouldn't be able to cut the cord for times sake, and I wouldn't be able to hold him for a bit while they suctioned him out in case he swallowed any of it. I felt a little panicked, but they said that they deal with it so often that it shouldn't be a big deal at all. That made me feel better. I asked my dr. how many babies he has delivered and can you believe it....OVER 8,000! Yes, he is definitely older. He is a stake patriarch if that gives you any clue to his age. I really enjoyed having him as my dr.
At 9:00 they started prepping for the epidural (heaven sent from above!) and it was in by 9:30 and they had started pitocin. Now my body responds WELL to pitocin, it did with Maya, and also with Jaxon. On a level 3 (the highest is 40) I progressed quickly and by 11:15 or so when they checked me I was at an 8, so they turned off the pitocin and started prepping for me to give birth since it was going so fast. I started pushing by 11:40, the dr. was in there at 12:00, Jaxon was born at 12:16. The epidural was awesome, totally pain free. It was great.
It took them about 20 min. before I got to hold him, but it was such a beautiful thing when I did. I couldn't help but crying a little and just having an overwhelming feeling of love for this special little boy of ours.

He had some struggles with eating, and we are still working on that. He had a few little bumps in the road, but nothing to worry about. He is healthy and happy.
Maya is definitely "adjusting" and has thrown tantrums like ive never seen since we got home. I think she is starting to come around, (or at least realizing that he isn't going anywhere.) But we love her so much and enjoy the small moments when she does enjoy him. (she will hold him for a few seconds here and there, but especially when daddy holds him she gets pretty defensive)
I better end this, Im sure there is a limit of how much you can write on these things. We are happy, and doing well. I love having a little boy and we are both so excited to see our family grow. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The waiting game...

40 weeks to be precise.

Her latest obsession is with our keys....if you ever need em, just look in the doors, they will be stuck in the key holes.

I didn't make her take a nap and this is what happened close to 7 o clock. I dont know if she has ever fallen asleep in her high chair before.

I hate waiting, I really do. That is an area I need more practice in for sure. I guess I am getting more practice with this baby. I was having a TON of for 3-4 hours a day when I was at 36 weeks. I started dialating and I really thought Jaxon was going to come maybe a few weeks early, but sure I am-on my due date, and no baby. (i guess I still have 7 hours to go but it doesn't feel like much is going to happen)
So here is a pic of me due date, I dont look great, but it kinda explains how I feel. :) Life is good, I am just ready for him to come.
Most of you know by now that we just bought our first house. It is here in Kuna and although we are changing wards, (which was a really hard thing for us- we love kuna 13th!) We feel it is right. I guess we still have to wait to get the home inspection done on monday, but its only 5 years old-it was a foreclosed home. So hopefully there isn't much wrong with it. It has kinda of fallen at an "inconvenient" time, but then again....when is it ever convenient to move if you hate packing like I do? :)
Maya still doesn't get what is happening, but HOPEFULLY she will find out in the next few days. She has been a good little "mommy's helper" and I couldn't be more blessed. I am putting up a few pics of her as well.