Friday, September 25, 2009

Corn Maize!!!

Me and wendy on the hay ride. It was a beautiful evening!
I think Raili makes a great "farmers wife." It was so good to have her here for my dads 50th birthday!
For anyone who knows my mother....she was in pure heaven in this thing!
Trying to find our way through the corn maze. It took about 30 min or so.
Camille helping maya on her first pony ride!  She wasn't quite sure what to think about it at first.
My mom is working at the corn maize this year again with my sisters Kaisa and Camille. They are in charge of the pony rides since they have been working with them for the past few months. Since they work there we get in for free which is awesome. It is such a family friendly place and I know I am going to be going there plenty through the month of October. I have already been there twice! 

Maya had a lot of fun of the pony ride. It was her first time on a horse and was calling it a "dog" the whole time. So far dog means an actual dog or any animal that moves. (ex. pigs, cows, cats, goats) 
It was my dads 50th birthday so Wendy and Raili were able to come for his birthday. It was so much fun! My dad is the best! its so great to have sister time as well. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It still fits!

Ryan with Maya at the fair with all the animals.
I really wanted to try one of those huge turkey legs, I'm a total meat person, but I was pretty disappointed in it. It had too many ligaments all in it. Bummer
I made this for my cousin Clarks little baby girl, I was able to go to her blessing in eastern Idaho. She is so beautiful!

I made this for one of my lessons on service...It was NOT worth the time. It looked easier in the book than it was. But it was still fun.

I was playing with maya in her room the other day and started looking at her blessing dress hanging up on the wall. The thought occured to me that she could probably still fit in it. Sure enough, she fits in it well and could probably fit in it for a few months more. It was a little big when she was blessed in it, but she has a tiny frame! I think she looks like a pioneer/milkmaid (with really fancy material) She had so much fun in it, I only kept it on about 5 minutes though cause i was afraid it would get dirty.