Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Laugh!!!!

Maya just gave us her first laugh ever! It was so cute! Luckily ryan was home for lunch so he was able to her one of the very first ones. I love how when babies first learn to laugh, it almost sounds a throat gurgle or almost like a cough. How sweet it is to see her change so much!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Pics at blessing

The blessing went so well. I was also a bit worried about maya screaming through the whole thing but it fell at a great time of day-her naptime. So she got passed around to everyone that wanted to hold her  (which would not normally happen) and then she pretty much slept through the whole blessing. I would have to say that one of my very favorite parts of the day was sitting next to Ryan while he held Maya in her dress as he kept staring at her. He leaned over to me at one part and said, "isn't she so beautiful?" and then just kept staring at her through the whole meeting. Maya already has her daddy wrapped around her finger-which I know she will use to her advantage especially as she gets older. I feel so lucky to have such a great husband who loves his little girl so so much! He even does diapers! :) It was wonderful to have both of our families there. Thanks Aunt Mary for traveling all that way! I didn't get a picture of Ryans family because they had to leave right after but it was so great to have them there!

Professional Pics of Maya!

I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Maya! How cute is she???? Thanks to grandma Carol for the gift of giving Maya her first professional photo shoot. I was so scared that she was going to be so naughty for this -anyone who knows Maya knows that she is a tad bit, uh should we say----emotional? It was originally on a tuesday for 2 o'clock.  Our AMAZING photographer had to reschedule because her baby was sick which ended up being a good thing because Maya had the biggest blowout at 2:15- and at that point she would have been in her blessing dress! Thank goodness that didn't happen, but she slept up until the photographer got there and after a quick feeding, she was quite happy and worked with us really well (as you can tell). I was so happy with how these turned out! Maya is almost 3 months old and changing so much every day. I can't believe how much bigger she is already. Enjoy the pics!