Friday, December 12, 2008

We have moved!!!

Well, it has been forever since I have written on my blog but life has been busy (and without the internet for a while.) We were originally planning to move from sacramento to ST. George, UT where we were going to buy a house, at the last minute it fell through and we got to thinking about it, and since Ryan wasn't on the right track for his school this semester there was really no reason for us to move there (except for all of our cedar friends-which almost convinced us to move back) Instead we moved about a mile away from my family, which is also an hour away from Ryans family so we could enjoy being with them, and so they could see there first grandbaby-and I have to admit, the prospect of recieving help with maya is what made the final decision. It has been wonderful so far, we live in an apt. that is BRIGHT yellow and rather ghetto, but the price is worth making sacrifices for. We painted the inside with accent walls and such and now that we have all our stuff from out of storage, it is a snug fit, but is starting to feel rather homey.
I decided one thing when we got all of our stuff from storage....we have WAY too much stuff. So we are starting to go through things (namely ryans books) no joke in our last apt in cedar we had 5 1/2 large bookshelves completely full along with a few large tubs of other books. He has done a wonderful job of getting rid of a lot of those and put a lot in storage as well. Its been nice.
Right now ryan is doing the temporary christmas UPS delivery boy, so that is working out while he tries to figure out what he wants to do here. There are a couple of sales options, but I think he is getting a bit burned out in that area, so we will see.
We got a membership recently to the YMCA's here in Boise and we are in heaven. We LOVE going to them to work out. We have been able to go together most of the time which always motivates us better cause I tell Ryan that I can work out longer or more intense than him (even though I know its not true) so he has to be the "man" and show off for me.......ha ha....... its pretty cute.
I have loved bein next to my family, especially next to my siblings. Two of them are moving out within the next 8 months and as all of you probably know from experience, things just aren't the same after that, its hard to make sure you are all together at the same time, so I really want to take advantage of this time here. My youngest sister camille is the biggest help with maya ever, and the next one up Kaisa-is my workout coach. She has all these fitness classes she takes from school like advanced conditioning and volleyball exercises that she is just dying to teach me. She says if I stick with her the rest of my baby tummy will be gone-I did one work out with her and I am sure that is true...I just dont know if I will live through the actual excercises. She is 15 years old- 5'2" but I think she has been able to kick my hiney since she was probably 12...shes buff!
Maya is doing well and soaking in all the attention. She absolutely loves it and now gets bored when we go home, she always wants something to be going on. She is 5 1/2 months and still only rolls over one direction and we wonder if she will ever be able to roll back, she doesn't seem to interested in that or crawling or anything. We decided to feed her solids and she did wonderful her first time ( daddy got to feed her) but since then she hasn't seemed too interested in eating anything like solids. We also tried to get her to take a bottle because she is still having a lot of tummy troubles and I know that some formulas will help and I have come to a conclusion. If I were to randomly die-she would starve! She will not take it at all and gets so mad! We have tried probably 6 different types of bottles and she hates them all. She could be starving, happy, going to sleep, or just waking up but she refuses. She is a stubborn little girl. We have so much fun with her though. She seems to be growing so much and I took a look at her newborn pictures a few days ago and almost cried. She is growing way too fast. I need to figure out how to slow this girl down! :) Here are some pics, I added some of maya when she was a few days old, more for me than anything else. I forgot how much hair she had and how small she was.