Monday, March 5, 2012

my munchkins

She let me straighten her hair a little for this. So fun. :D

We've only had a couple snow days this year. literally. like two. I haven't minded one bit.
Isn't he a doll? Half of the pictures didn't work because he was laughing and his eyes were scrunched closed.
They ride this bike in circles all day in my kitchen. It will have to do till the weather is warmer.
Her face before preschool for the first time. Id say she was excited.

Of course, being my offspring-she had to throw some poses in. Actually, if you saw all the photos- I only got one of her standing against a wall. All the rest are exaggerated poses. I don't know where she gets it from.
So Maya has loved preschool way more than dance, which has been quite nice. I don't have to shove her out the door like I had to when dance class was about to start. She gets up excited and cant wait to get there. Its just an hour long, so its perfect for her.
Jaxon has been growing like a weed. I think he is about to get his molars in because he has been pretty cranky, but with no apparent cause, until today when he was crying the sunlight caught inside his mouth and I saw some major Red swollen gums. He loves to play and follow his sister around. He is a cuddler and wont leave his crib without his blanket. Talking has not been a priority for him, so we've been working on signing Vs. just plain screaming. we are making progress.
As for me and Ryan, we are doing well. Just the normal busyness of school, work, callings, and being parents. Wow. I cant think of anything else to say about us..... I give up. Maybe we can count ourselves in the "old and boring" category this month. ;)