Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warm weather at last!

With her Uncle Glenn getting ready to get into the pool!
In the AWESOME pool her aunt wendy bought for her as an early birthday present.
Ryan playing with Maya in the pool.
The sudden cold day (this was what...a day after swimming?)
I just love this face. She's a keeper!

After the weather hopping back and forth crazily from hot to cold, hot to cold...I am glad it is finally sticking with warm. I have had maya in her swimming pool a few times already and we have been taking TONS of walks. Here a just a few pics of that last two weeks.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Ryan says this shirt is too low. Sometimes it does go near her belly button. :) I say it goes until she is 2...then modest is hottest after that. I just worry about her sweating to death.
If you threw a moustache on ryan, I think he would look like he just crossed the border.
The alluring man under the sombrero....
Christian with Maya. She kept leaning in to him...we were suspicious what was happening under those two sombreros. Wendy was jealous.
I love this hair clip. It makes it look like she is a big girl. But it stays in about 5 min. She has super thin hair.

So Christians birthday was on Sunday (wendy's boyfriend). His mom threw a mexican fiesta for his birthday. I have to start out by saying that this lady is an AMAZING cook! I feel like she is one of those ladies who has an amazing recipe for everything. Someday I hope to be like that. I am no where near.
They had sombreros for us to wear and her neighbor who is mexican made mexican rice and homemade taquitos. My only regret was that I wasn't as hungry as I wish I could have been. There was just so much to try that I was so full, but wishing I could eat more.
Christian is getting his mission call this week. We cant wait to hear where he goes. I guessed either california or Spain. Maya guessed Louisiana. ( wendy said she had a vision about it one night. but since she already had a guess she said Maya could claim it and hopefully win the prize.)
I kept wanting to spuratically throw my sombrero on the floor and do a hat dance around it. I contained myself. I think it would have scared all the guests away.
I am finally getting closer to having everything organized in my apt. Oh how I love this apt. I can't wait to get all our pictures up and what not. The last person tried to put putty over all the nail holes and made a bit of a mess on the walls. It dissolves though so the landlord is paying me 15 bucks an hour to clean it off for him. I told him I would be happy to do it. It has proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be. It has left a ton of residue so I am just washing it off over and over again. It is almost done.
Today was so hot and I am absolutely loving this weather. The only problem is that I am realizing how easily babies burn. (even with slathered on sunscreen) Poor tender skin. Luckily I have also learned maya has an olive skin complexion and she is already workin a better tan on her legs than I have.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I know I just posted, but Maya started walking today! I am so excited and scared all at the same time. I feel like my baby is growing up too quick and yet I cant wait for her to reach all the new stages. She started out with 1 step...did it 3 times, and then the 4th time she took 5 steps. The record so far is 9 steps. What a fun day it has been!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For you April!

This was at easter when Maya had fun ripping off her daddy's glasses every time he put them on.
Daddy/Daughter photo op on easter!
She was having an excitement attack one night at 10:30-she just kept laughing over nothing. :)
You can almost see her two big teeth that are growing in. They are so big we call them her "Goofy" teeth.
She crawled in here and had a great time until she couldn't figure out how to get out. I was a very helpful mother just laughing holding the camera.

This post is for April who requested that I stop being so lazy and post more than once a month. :) If you hadn't said anything it would have been another week or two, so I am glad.
It has definitely been a while since I posted. It has been a busy month but at the same time I love it when things get busy where you are not bored. Our old apt. flooded about a month and a half ago and left behind a horrendous smell of mold that grew under our bathroom sink. Everything was nasty about that apt. so we started apt. hunting right away. The problem is that we love our ward and since we had been in 4 wards in the last 12 months at that point. (Cedar city, Sacramento (summer sales), Kuna 1oth ward, and finally Kuna 13th cause they split the 10th ward and we got put in the new ward boundaries.) It was way hard because we would just start to get to know people and then have to move or in the last case...just change wards. We both had loved our callings from before so we were bummed to lose those, but we have new ones now and we are enjoying them a lot. Our bishop is awesome and it has been really great to feel like it is our "home" ward again. I dont think either of us realized how important that is until we jumped around so much.
We did however find an apt. in our ward boundaries with 3 bedrooms-yes! 3 bedrooms which is totally awesome (and ryan gave me the 3rd bedroom for my scrapbooking room!) It has a really nice size kitchen and 2 bathrooms with a washer and dryer AND with a dish washer and garbage disposal. I am in apt. heaven.
Maya is now standing up everywhere and while the longest she has done it is 30 seconds, she is trying all the time. Our new apt has wood floors in the living room so this presents some challenges of a tougher fall-but it looks so beautiful! So I just watch Maya more carefully. She is 10 months and I love how happy she has been lately. She is so pleasant most of the time and is such a cutie. My family has their lab puppy named hub who I swear is her new best friend until he tries to bite her. My brother Guy took her out to see the puppy yesterday and he said that he picked up Maya and the puppy had bit on her shoe and he looked down and he saw Maya up with the puppy dangling off her foot! Good thing I put shoes on her that day.
Like I mentioned in the above pictures, Maya's two top teeth are now totally through and growing well. ( a little too well for me as she isn't being weaned very easily) The other day my family was watching Maya and she went to the piano bench, put her mouth over it-which is nothing new, but a few minutes later my sister camille heard some scratching going on. They took Maya off and realized she had scratched my parents piano bench pretty bad. Good thing she is so cute or someone could get mad at her. We now call her beaver.
Ryans mom just had surgery on her ACL today so he has been out in mtn. home helping her out. We are going to go out tomorrow cause nothing cheers a grandma up more than seeing her grandbaby. Oddly enough, my mom is having surgery because she tore her miniscus and has something else wrong behind her knee-it will be on the 14th of this month. So me and Ryan will have hobbling mothers for the next little bit but we are grateful we are around to help.
So my biggest accomplishment of the month is a tie betwen the two of these: The first is that I am blessing Ryans life with good influential music and he is FINALLY listening. He now likes Marty Robbins (actually a lot!) and one of his favorite songs is "The Story of My Life"........... "You tube" it and anyone who really knows Ryan will probably fall off their seats. I almost did myself. I put it on more to annoy him and to get his attention, but instead he was like, "man, this guy has an aweomse voice, I totally like this kind of music!" It just proves I don't know my husband as much as I thought I did. I continued the evening with a bunch of country stars songs and he liked all but 2 or 3 songs ( and I did this for almost 2 hours) wow! Its amazing what the influence of a good woman can do for a man.
The contending accomplishment is that Ryan signed us up for dance lessons. I never thought I would see the day. I think one of the main motivations is that it is free because there is a couple in our ward who are both ballroom dancers and he knows I am going to make him do it someday so he might as well do it when its free. To me it doesn't matter though. My dream is that he is going to love it so much that we are eventually going to take a class at BSU for Latin dancing or Swing. That might be a stretch but a girl can dream right?
We had an awesome easter. It was a just a fun day with a good church meeting, a trip to a park for a nice walk to see the ducks and an awesome meal with my first ham I ever cooked. I didn't burn it so that makes it excellent. Lamely enough we decorated eggs 3 days AFTER easter, but we got it done, which was better than last year so that was good.
Sorry, this was kind of a long one. I guess I just have a lot to say after a month.