Thursday, April 14, 2011

Much needed update

Loving my parents trampoline!

Isn't he precious??!
Playdough time with a friend.
My happy boy!
Jaxon eating solid foods for the first time.....not happy.
Mayas hair for church on sunday.

Ok so once of those posts where I have gone so long without blogging I dont know where to start. All i can say is that I have been B-U-S-Y! I started watching two-3 extra kids monday through friday to help our "mini van fund." The kids are 11 mo., 2 years, and then the occasional mon/fri kids are 3. So its a chaotic house when all those kids are there. But its been a good and growing experience for me.

Ryan is getting close to the end of the semester and is also really booked with school and work. So finding family time has become a bit more challenging and now that we have a house we always have a "project" we are working on. The latest is the kids jungle room and the outside fence. Whenever we get that finished we will post pics. (of the kids room i mean....fences aren't that exciting to look at. :D ) Jaxon is 6 months now. (yikes!) and is healthy and growing big. He rolls all over and is starting to sit up a bit on his own.

Maya is loving having friends over ever day due to me babysitting and on my days off, she wonders why all of her friends aren't at our house.

I volunteered to make my sisters wedding cake (her wedding is in a month...once again- Yikes!) and lets just say it is harder than i thought it was going to be. It will turn out fine im sure, but It sure has been a learning process. Which is really what I wanted...something out of my routine to push me. I will post pics when that ones done too. :D