Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween updates...a little late.

She loved playing with my scarf!
Our little girl from India. She was having too much fun with this thing.
Sorry I know its fuzzy, but I didn't get any good pics, just a good video. She walked around all evening saying "ruh ruh" (which is ruff ruff)
Thing 1 and Thing 2 for our ward halloween party! We were a little bummed at the false advertising for the blue hair spray. He had to be in the light and even then it looked a little more purple than blue.... :(   It was supposed to be the same color a my wig.
At "Boo at the Zoo" right before halloween. We were glad to go because Ryan hadn't gone to the zoo with us yet this year. We are hoping to get a pass for next year and hopefully maya will be old enough to enjoy it more. :)
Riding the tiger at the zoo, I think she was a little overwhelmed this day because there were SOO many kids at the zoo that day.  She was REALLY serious until about 10 min before we left when she was running through the leaves by herself.
Family Pic at the Zoo!

So yeah, I know I have been really bad about posting much lately, im not sure why. Life is going great other than Maya just threw my cell phone in the toilet this morning right before church AND after being up from 3:30 am on with a fever. Somehow our silly girl managed to muster up enough energy to tear my house apart as soon as she woke up :) It was one of those moments where I know I will look back and laugh, but Im not laughing quite yet. So if no one hears from me for a bit, just know its cause my phone was drowned in toilet water.
This last month has been a ton of fun with maya, she is talking so much and is becoming a monkey. I always knew that you had to "baby-proof" a house. No one told me that later on came the next step of "toddler proofing" That step has been highly motivated by this mornings incident.
We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary this last week!!! Its amazing how time flies and sometimes its kinda hard to think you ever weren't married because you are so much a part of each others lives. But it has been three great and FUN years. I knew when I married Ryan that life would never be boring and it hasn't been. He is my best friend and keeps me laughing even when things get stressful. I love watching him with Maya and lately they have become quite a pair. When maya gets in trouble (when Daddy isn't here) she runs to the front door and starts yelling "da da da da!" She knows he is a softy and he loves her so much. 
Every night, when its getting close to bedtime, she will go and lay on Ryans chest with her blanket and just cuddle with him, oftentimes falling asleep with him. I love it, it makes my evening. I love my little family!