Wednesday, April 8, 2009

9 month pictures!

Maya's gremlin face!
The peasant dress... (dont ya love the head scarf! I am suprised she kept it on)
I think the puppy was jumping at her, she loved it!
Bright eyes!
My favorite one!
Blinded by the sun but cute as ever.
Giggling like crazy!
Shes developed a new habit of spitting lately...she kept doing it during the photo shoot.

I am so excited her 9 months fell around easter time so I could get Maya a new easter dress. Ryan was out of a job for a bit at the time so money was a little tight. I earned money from my parents by weeding the flower beds (on a horribly cold day I might add) but I really wanted to be the one to buy it for her. I saw it at walmart and fell in love with it right away! I love being a mom and have a blast dressing her up. I bet she will be a tomboy after all this just to rebel. ;)
I had her pictures taken at Penneys last time but Maya gets really shy in new situations and doesn't warm up for a bit so there wasn't a whole lot of life to her 6 month pictures. I asked my sister to take some pictures of Maya so we could actually catch some smiles on camera. I think she did an awesome job! Thank you Raili! They turned out so beautiful!