Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I never thought it would be this hard.

I loved this...she kept the cheerio on her nose for a few minutes before she brushed it off.

Hanging tight onto her beloved squirt bottle.
She cant get the water out herself but she tried for a good 10 minutes the other day.

     There are some things that came with the territory of having a baby that I knew would be hard....sleepless nights, messy diapers, colic, having them in church, traveling with them. But one thing that I  NEVER thought would be this hard it trying to get maya to take a bottle or a sippy cup. I have been trying to get her to take a bottle since she was 2 months old and she still has never taken one to this day.  I have tried diligently for the last few months to get her to take a sippy cup and finally about a week ago, she took one for the first time even though it was only for a few minutes. I just always thought...if a baby is thirsty enough, she will drink. Not so.
     Now she is back on her kick of not using them ( it was such a short lived thing anyhow)...even though I have cut back nursing dramatically. In lieu of a sippy cup or bottle (due to dehydration) I have come up with the only way that works. A spray bottle. She thinks it is SO fun and is loving it! I do however feel weird when I am in public and I grab a squirt bottle out of my diaper bag to get her to drink something. Because with the first spray, she kinda flinches....but loves it and keeps her mouth open for more. Plus....who does that???
I used it at Applebees the other day and I got a few weird looks. The waitress asked me, "what in the world are you doing?" She had a one year old so after I explained she got a huge kick out of it. I just still feel awkward. Anyone else heard of a baby that wont take a sippy cup even if they are ridiculously thirsty? Any advice besides a squirt bottle?
Maya is a quirky baby-she often takes the road less traveled, which makes it hard to figure out, but it has also created so many funny memories. I love her to death and have found so much joy in being her mother. I can't imagine loving anything else this way. She makes every day bright and happy- even though her latest habits are getting in toilets and pulling trash out of the trash can. (I have since rearranged the position of the trash can.) 


Brittaney said...

oh Holly! i just love you! If a squirt bottle works then WHO CARES!!! That may actually help her to learn to that a sippy. I don't know, you know me, i'm still in the same boat. Kaylee likes sippies just to chew on, and while she chews them, shes gets a little fluid. You'll get there, don't worry!!

The Bruin Fam said...

Chloe used the sippy cups that had a soft nipple before going to regular sippy cup. But since Maya didn't like a bottle either I'm not sure she'll like that. Have you tried teaching her how to use a straw? Chloe loves straws and it makes it so much easier when we go out to eat, I don't even have to bring a diaper bag in! (stores have the cups with the straw and chloe loves those!)

The Bruin Fam said...

Oh and Holly, if she doesn't like straws I say who cares... That's what my little sister did when she was that age and older... she learned how to squirt it herself and she's turned out just fine! :)

Forever Glascock's said...

Whatever works!! LOL I wouldn't worry too much about what people are saying, at least you aren't depriving her of anything right!?

Hoffman Family said...

Holly, that is so funny. I had the same "problem" with Elise. She wouldn't take a bottle or a sippy cup and she wouldn't eat solids. Eventually, she started taking solids but not the others. I had to give her water through a syringe. Yeah, people thought that was pretty funny too. I just kept giving her the sippy cup (with the soft nipple) and she eventually took it. I think your squirt bottle idea is better than the syringe idea. I couldn't get very much in at a time. Anyway, I guess the main point is, I know where your coming from :)

Maria said...

haha oh that is so funny! Hey I agree with everyone else. Whatever works!

Aimee said...

What a funny little girl. I sounds like you are a great mom. I guess I have a lot to look forward to with my little girl. I guess you have to try everything before you find what works.