Thursday, April 4, 2013

Warm weather! whoohoo!

Spring is here and we are loving the warm weather. It has been so nice to be able to go outdoors and we spend hours outside every day. (unless it rains) We decided to take the kids to the park the other day and they loved it. Tyce is going to be 6 months old this month (eek!) and Maya and Jax are growing so fast. I swear time flies faster with every kid. Since my last update things are going so much smoother. I am just so glad to have some warm weather to get out on walks and playdates and such.  Here we are at the park....
 Tyce spent the duration in his carseat...but he didn't seem to mind
 Ready to go down the slide
 He loved the "airplane swing"
 Looking at an airplane

Mad at us cause we asked if he wanted to go down the big slide. :)
 He finally made it. :D